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XenBackup NG

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A friend modify my script and make some change i post his change:

# XenBackup-ng by Riccardo Bicelli
# built on “XEN Server backup by Filippo Zanardo –”

# Usage: “perl “, where job name is the name of the job file located in subfolder “jobs”, without “.conf” suffix.

# Difference between this and Xenbackup
# 1. Subroutines
# 2. Separation of configuration files and hierarchy:
# – conf/strings.conf -> Where strings of log and mail notification can be localized
# – conf/xenbackup.conf -> global configuration file, where you can specify also default parameters if you are not using jobs
# – jobs/job.conf -> Job File, loaded after xenbackup.conf
# 3. Now backup is possible with VM Selection
# 4. Quiesce snapshot for Windows VM (Only if guest has Xenserver VSS provider installed)
# 5. Mail Notification now comes with a head Section with a checklist of backed up VM and verbose log attached, if wanted
# 6. More controls on commands executed (e.g. Exit codes checked after some command execution)
# 7. Keeps care of running state of the VM (e.g if a VM in in state halted it is not started after backup job)
# 8. Versioning (deletion of files) executed only if backup process went fine

# To Implement:
# 1. Host Backup
# 2. Metadata backup with Metadata SR Copy
# 3. Metadata option to BM backup
# 4. Pool data backup

download the file here

you can follow him at Riccardo Bicelli Blog.


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September 12, 2011 at 14:23

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